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At Sriwalee & Partners, quality and customer-satisfaction lie at the heart of everything we do. We aim to take away all your worries in the legal aspects of your business, make them ours, and sort them out for you. No issue is too big or too small for us to handle. We offer a comprehensive range of services, undertaken by competent professionals, tailor-made to suit all your specific needs. We hope we can get in touch with you today to start unravelling your legal dilemmas right away.

Business Consulting

General Consultation

It may be that you want to start out with a business or transaction and are unsure of what legal implications are involved. As such, we offer General Consultation services to illustrate a clear picture of the laws involved, your rights and duties and plan of action. In addition to General Consultation we provide services in being a General Consult for companies.

Business Handshake

Contracts & Negotiation

The terms and conditions of  contracts underpin any legal relationship. It is arguably the most important document in determining your rights and duties. Sriwalee & Partners will draft any type of contract for you, keeping in mind your best interests. In the same manner, we also offer negotiation services on your behalf, to make sure you are in the best standing possible. 

Working Silhouettes

Corporate M&A

Investors looking to utilize and maximize their resources might be interested in completing a Mergers and Acquisition. Sriwalee & Partners will assist in joint venture and shareholder agreements, including other relevant Mergers and Acquisition documents, and oversee their satisfactory implementation.

Apartment Building

Real Estate

Sriwalee & Partners specializes in real estate, owing to our founding partner’s extensive experience in real estate for over 10 years in Thailand’s top real estate firm. We can draft all kinds of real estate agreements in every industry, whether it be hospitality, industrial, commercial, residential, or mixed-use development. We also provide all legal services pertaining to real estate, such as those in connection with the sale and purchase, or lease of real estate. 


Set Up a Business in Thailand

Setting up a business can be as stressful as it is exciting. From which type of business to set up, what legal requirements must be satisfied, to what terms and conditions must be laid out to ensure the smooth running of the business in the long term, Sriwalee & Partners stands ready to assist you in all the steps to set up your company and carry out all transactions at the Thai Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce.

Checking Text on a Document

Legal Translation

Accuracy of terms across documents in different language versions is crucial. Sriwalee & Partners offer professional, high-quality legal translation services which is available for both Thai to English and English to Thai translations and for contracts, statutes, judgments, and other official documents. 

Notary Stamps

Notarial Services

Various documents will require the certification of a Notary. Sriwalee & Partners offer various notarial and signature certification services so your documents are ready for further use.

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